Welcome to the SLB Auditor and Inspector Seminar (AIS) and Event Investigation Workshops (EIW) Website hosted by LR Energy - Drilling. LR Energy - Drilling has developed this website in an effort to support the ongoing AIS and EIW’s being hosted by SLB throughout the world.

On this website you will find Course Descriptions (for both training programs) and a Calendar which lists past and upcoming courses along with SLB sponsors. We have also provided a link to the LR Energy - Drilling website and information on our various offices throughout the world.

If you are interested in sponsoring either workshop or both please reach out to the LR Energy - Drilling contacts listed below. If you are an individual looking to join in on any of the scheduled courses please reach out to the Schlumberger Sponsor listed in the calendar but it must be noted that some of the courses will be conducted for specific Segments / Organizations and may not be open to enrollment.

LR Energy - Drilling appreciates your visiting the website and please contact us with any questions or comments. We look forward to the delivery of these courses and assisting SLB in meeting their QHSE Audit and Investigation objectives.

All requests for more information should be sent to slbtraining@lr.org