SLB QHSE Auditor/Inspector Seminar (AIS)

3 Days

Class Size:
Up to 15 Participants with the optimal size being 12 Participants

  1. QHSE Management System Self Training

  2. Reading of QHSE Standard 7 – “Auditing Standard”

  3. Completion of HARC Level 3 On-line Test
Synopsis of Training:
The workshop has been designed to meet the needs of the training requirements for Level 2 of the OFS QHSE Training and Certification Catalog and the internal auditor training requirements of ISO 19011:2011. The course is based around the following documentation:
  • The ISO 19011:2011 Standard for Auditing
  • QHSE Management System
  • OFS QHSE Standards including Auditing Standard (7) & HARC (20)
  • OFS QHSE Training and Certification Catalog
  • SQM 2 Training Workshop
The workshop utilizes an open learning atmosphere making use of a combination of lectures, interactive discussion, workshop exercises and testing to ensure optimum learning is achieved. Participants receive a joint SLB and ModuSpec certificate of completion if they successfully fulfill the requirements of the training. There are 15 modules included in the workshop with 5 modules being delivered each day. The modules are as follows:
    Day 1
  1. Introduction
  2. Principles of Auditing
  3. SLB Auditing Program
  4. Audit Planning
  5. QHSE Audit Instruments & Checklists

  6. Day 2
  7. Pre-Audit Meetings and Scheduling
  8. Kick-off Meeting
  9. Familiarization Tour
  10. Document and Record Verification
  11. Interviewing

  12. Day 3
  13. Inspections
  14. Data Analysis and Findings
  15. Management Debriefing Meeting
  16. Developing a Report
  17. Remedial Work Plan