SLB QHSE Event Investigation Workshop (EIW)

2 Days

SLB Sponsors are encouraged to deliver this 2-day workshop immediately following an AIS course.

None. Course is targeted to all personnel who will be participating in or leading investigations. Farmiliarzation with QHSE MS is recommended.

Class Size:
Up to 15 Participants with the optimal being 12 Participants

Synopsis of Training:
The workshop will be designed to build on the success of the Auditor/Inspector Seminar (AIS), focusing on management systems. The philosophical approach used in the training is that all losses are a result of multiple deficiencies in the management system. The workshop will be built upon the following SLB documents and instruments:
  • QHSE Management System
  • QHSE Event Reporting and Management (HSE & SQ/PQ) Standard (2)
  • QUEST Investigation Module
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Control Standard (20)
  • SLB Investigation Guideline
  • Auditor and Inspector Seminar Participant Manual
The workshop will follow in the footsteps of the AIS, utilizing an open learning atmosphere making use of a combination of lectures, interactive discussion, workshop exercises and testing to ensure optimum learning is achieved. The focal point for the workshop will be the QUEST Investigation Module which is based on the SLB customized System Cause Analysis Technique (SCAT) Chart. The agenda for the workshop is as follows:
  1. Introduction
    Principles of Investigations
  2. Schlumberger Event Investigation Program
    Terms and Definitions, Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Data Gathering
    Gathering the 4 Ps
  4. Data Analysis and Findings
    Methodology for Analyzing Data Collected
    Hands on Use of the QUEST Investigation Module
  5. Remedial Work Plan and Investigation Review
Course Wrap-up